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Embark on a Voyage of Transformation with Fitness Trio.
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Join us at Fitness Trio, where your quest for a balanced life becomes our mission. Dive into a sea of opportunities to enhance your well-being, enrich your spirit, and elevate your financial freedom. 

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Join us at Fitness Trio, where your quest for a balanced life becomes our mission. Dive into a sea of opportunities to enhance your well-being. The information we share with you daily are priceless.
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Written by Dani on Mar. 20th 2017
This post provides tips on how to invigorate your wellness routine by incorporating new workouts, trying out challenges, teaming up with a buddy, and considering new supplements to support your health goals.
Written by Mindful on Dec. 3 2021
This meditation is designed to help you rejuvenate your mental faculties by engaging with your senses. It guides you through a series of sensory-focused exercises that promote relaxation and cognitive restoration. 
Written by Robin Long on Feb. 8th 2024
While guilt is a normal emotion we all feel—toxic guilt isn’t something you should have to deal with. Guilt is a complex emotion that you feel when you’ve done something wrong. 
Written by Araceli on Oct. 23th 2024
Sitting for prolonged periods is a common aspect of modern life, whether it's in front of a TV, at a desk or during long commutes. The increased use of virtual environments in various aspects of our lives like...
Written by Stephanie on Mar. 4th 2024
For International Women’s Day next week, MyFitnessPal wants to empower women everywhere Eat for Impact to improve their health. In March of 2022, we conducted a consumer survey on the state of Women’s Health around the world...
Written by Amanda Brooks on Oct. 29th 2024
Running a marathon in the wind adds another level of physical and mental stress. (I won’t leave you in suspense, I PR’ed, but just by seconds and the wind certainly slowed me down.)
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